Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updated OAM shopping

Well it's has been almost a month since I did my shopping and we have had enough food for the month but, I was hoping to have enough for recipes to be doubled and that hasn't happened but once. So next month I am going to need to get just a little bit more. But in all I would call it a success!! Thanks to Pinterest!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Once a month shopping

Well after about 2 weeks of planning (and banging my head againist the wall) I came up with a shopping list and meals for one whole month of food for the family. I am feeding a growing family of 6 very picky eaters. So it was not an easy task but I was up for the challenge. I took about 6 hours of shopping but I was SO surprised at how much money I saved. I got enough food for 36 meals and some of which I can double and freeze or give to friends. And I also only spent about $300!! OH yeah!! I am so happy with the results I am going to keep doing this. Maybe next month I will try to use coupons too. Thanks for hearing my brag!