Friday, February 20, 2015

Time for the big "D"

No silly not a divorce. I could never imagine my life without the Hubs!

I am going on a diet. Yikes! I know it sounds crazy. But, after 4 kids and a few desk jobs, I need to drop a few pounds. In fact I need to drop about 50. When my hubby were first together I was a petite little 124 pound tennis is player with an awesome tan. I am not one of those things now. So I am going to try my hand at a diet.

I need to give you a little background on my eating habits, I see what I like and I eat it. I have never had to watch what I ate.

In fact I once beat one of my cousins at a steak eating contest. I'm serious! I was 18 and he (yes it was a boy) was a 16 year old football player that out weighed me by about 30 pounds. He ate 8 steaks and I ate 12. True story. I didn't gain an ounce in the days after either. My metabolism was through the roof back then. AHH those were the days.

My metabolism is now and has been for years on vacation I think.

I will be doing a little research in the next few weeks and trying to find a good diet or meal plan that can work for me. Or better yet find one that wont make me go crazy.

Have any of you dieted before and had good success?

Can you diet and still eat butter? Because I love butter.

I am certain this will work and you won't find me one day locked my bathroom with a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Until next time...

Katie B


  1. Katie!! Still trying to lose the baby weight over here. Chris and I are finishing up our first round of Whole30 (no added sugar, dairy, grains, legumes or alcohol for 30 days). I have learned so much about the way I eat. I use anything as an excuse to eat something sweet. You have to read the ingredients in everything packaged in this program and I have been shocked to see all the junk in everything (seriously, sugar is in everything). You can't eat regular butter but you can use ghee! I am looking forward to figuring out the perfect diet for me after we are finished with Whole30, using some excellent ideas from the program permanently, while adding back a few things. If you're really big on eating sweets I would also recommend the documentary Fed Up if you haven't seen it yet. We are really changing the way we eat in our house and it feels so good! I hope you find something that works for you, starting seems to be the hardest part (for me, at least).

  2. That sounds awesome! It like resets the way you think you should eat, huh?