Friday, April 10, 2015

A New Season of Motherhood - Part Four

Join me as I start the new season of motherhood! A 5 part series that examines how we, as mothers, can begin to find ourselves, AGAIN!

Remember when you were younger and you had that one thing that you just LOVED? Why did you stop doing it? Kids? Work? Life getting the way? 
If you are going to find yourself again, you need to reclaim that hobby. But, this part also includes being able to just get away from it all. For your sanity! Get away from everything that you can and go do what you love. 
For me it is tennis. I played in high school and I loved it. It made me feel energized and happy. But, tennis may not be your thing or you may not know what you hobby will be. I have included below a list of great hobbies to you to try. Heck, make a bucket list and do all the hobbies on the list. But, whatever you do, do it for you!!

  1. Reading - I am always a fan of this one :)
  2. Bike-riding. This is also great for getting back into shape!
  3. Walking/Running. This is a great way to put on some tunes and have a blast
  4. Join a Bible Study group at your church
  5. Scrap-booking. This is a great way to create some keepsakes of the kiddos too!
  6. Garage-saleing. Enough said!
  7. Paint a picture
  8. Volunteering. I have been thinking of doing this myself. Maybe at a children's hospital or a animal shelter
  9. Baking. The family will love this. You will have a line for samples
  10. Playing the piano
  11. Gardening
  12. Photography This is actually something that I love to do as well. I bought a camera at a thrift store and introduced myself to an all new hobby
  13. Illustrating. Or coloring books for adults. (yes they have them and they are awesome)
  14. Handmade crafts to sell. ie; candles, art, wreaths, etc. 
  15. Zumba
  16. Home Decorating. Let's face it, we love to do this!
  17. Cooking. 
  18. Knitting
  19. Yoga
  20. Go back to school, whether just to take one class, or finish a degree.
  21. Thrift Store Shopping. You can find some really great deals
  22. Go antiquing. 
  23. Become a writer/blogger. I truly enjoy doing it. 
  24. Re-finish old furniture. Can help you save money by fixing those old broken pieces you were going to have to replace
  25. Make home-made jam.
  26. Become a bird-watcher. This is actually a really fun activity!
  27. Do puzzles
  28. Teach Sunday School
  29. Sky-diving (this would be a bucket list item for sure)
  30. Needle-work

Until next time....

Katie B

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